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    Rope type heater

    Rope ceramic electric heater is according to the crawler ceramic electric heater developed a new type of electric heater, the work and the same parameters and crawler type ceramic electric heater, which can meet the repair pipeline engineering in power plant heat treatment and various special-shaped component welding heat treatment, the cases of conduit first. The wire diameter is 12mm, which can meet the heat treatment of 60mm above 60mm.

    For pipe, pipe joints, such as the shape of the workpiece as well as heating parts of the space around the narrow and difficult to work, the rope type heater is particularly applicable.

    SCD type rope type heater parameter list


    Fever size (m)

    Operating voltage (V)

    Rated power (kw)

    Maximum temperature (c)
















    There are three parts in the heat treatment equipment of the metal component, that is, the ceramic electric heater, the temperature control box and the auxiliary material.

    1 ceramic electric heater: that is, heating element, is the heat source of the workpiece. My company offers you a variety of models and specifications, they have the characteristics, performance is not the same. Such as LCD type crawler heater, SCD rope shaped heater, NJ heat frame type heater and so on, which normally takes users according to the heating of the workpiece shape, thickness and the required temperature values to choose.

    2 temperature control box: it is with the ceramic electric heater, for the ceramic electric heater to provide power, and control its working state so as to achieve the purpose of temperature control. Temperature control box is equipped with temperature controller for controlling, measuring the temperature of the workpiece, and the configuration of the temperature recorder used to record the temperature curve of the workpiece in real time so that the user can record the record. At present our company for the user to provide various types and specifications of the temperature control box, such as Zwk, WCK, rwk with type series intelligent temperature program control box, DWK, TCS series computer temperature control box, LWK series temperature control box and so on, selection of user needs according to the range of heating, heating technology requirements and site requirements and to select the ideal and practical temperature control box.

    . auxiliary materials: mainly kJ type fast connecting with long wires (between the temperature control box and the heater distance connecting line to 36V, 55v, 110V, heater series, and is equipped with quick plug), thermocouple temperature sensor for measurement is the temperature of the heating workpiece), the compensation wire (between the thermocouple and the temperature control box connection line distance, aluminum silicate heat insulation cotton (to prevent heat dissipation).

    Use notes:

    1, the heating workpiece must be a reliable grounding.

    2, the use of the heater does not allow overlap.

    3, the thermocouple should be reliable and the workpiece.


    1, the width of the heater should be 8-12 times the wall thickness of the heated object.

    2, according to the needs of the user can complete sets of supply wire cable, thermocouple, thermal insulation covering materials and special temperature control cabinet and capacitance welding apparatus.

    3, power error is 3%, the form tolerance is 2%.

    4, special specifications can be customized.

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