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ZDF type vibrating flux separator

In the automatic submerged arc welding, flux recovery must be cleared up the flux in the debris such as iron, fine not again before use.

In view of the current flux in the recycling process, the manual decomposition of impurities, low efficiency, high impurity, we have developed the ZDF type vibrating flux magnetic separator.

ZDF vibration type flux magnetic separation points grain of various machine using the domestic advanced level of WZDP eccentric asynchronous motor, high efficiency, small size, less energy consumption, shaking the wooden frame structure, in order to reduce the vibration of the noise, at the same time, but also to extend the screen life. Used flux into the feed inlet, automatic flux divided into coarse and fine, debris three categories, such as welding slag, fine powder, iron and other debris and respectively into different outlet.

The machine has a large vibration strength, and is adapted to the wide field of material and the processing power, the screening efficiency is high, the operation is stable, the performance is reliable and the noise is less than 80dB.

This machine flux separator function, can effectively remove the iron oxide, the flux in the magnetic material. This machine has the advantages of small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, can be described as price wumart. Is the ideal welding auxiliary equipment.

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