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DHJ thermocouple spot welding machine


DHJ thermocouple spot welder is a storage type welding machine, built-in DC battery, charging can be used after the power. It is specially used in the field of heat treatment, the thermocouple wire directly welded on the workpiece, the volume is small, light weight, easy to carry. Suitable for pipeline, tank heat treatment field. In the ship, power station installation, boiler manufacturing and other industries of the heat treatment field welding thermocouple, can be used.

DHJ by internal DC battery to the capacitor charging, by adjusting knob used for selection of welding voltage, charge is indicated by a red light, when the charging voltage to the set value is out, green for the discharge indicator, when the lamp light up after about 3 seconds automatically discharge and clear instructions for workers to operate.

A thermocouple, DHJ spot welding machine specifications:

Length: 270mm

Width: 250mm

Height: 110mm

Weight: 4Kg

Welding thermocouple diameter: 0.3mm-2.0mm

Charge voltage: AV220V

Battery: 3500MAH 10

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